We are super happy to share a teaser for the music video on the song SHE by incredible Alice Phoebe Lou, which we produced with our great team! Releasing 'She' on the 23rd of February.


We are very proud and happy for Alice - this song has recently been shortlisted for the Oscars in the Best Original Song category, for its appearance in the incredible documentary "Bombshell"

Thanks, guys! 

Created & Directed by Наталья Базина (Natalia Bazina) 
Executive producer Natasha Skliarova
DOP Eugeny Женя Козлов
Underwater Cameramen Боря Юдин
Art Director Настя Клокова (Klokova Anastasia)Nadezhda Voronenkova 
Makeup Маша Фомина (Masha Fomina)
Editor Илья Лебедев (Ilya Lebedev)Наталья Базина (Natalia Bazina)
Colorist Андрей Меснянкин (Andrey Mesnyankin)
Cover Photographer Наталья Базина (Natalia Bazina)

Special thanks to the young stars - Agata Orekhova & Vera Panyukova

bazina.sass+, Hermes production

Performed by Alice Phoebe Lou, Matteo Pavesi and Job Schellekens